Toyota Corolla S 17″ Wheel decals installation 2014 2015 and 2016

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2014 – 2016 Toyota Corolla S 17in decal. Color Vinyl Decal

In this video, we show how to install the wheel decals that fit the Toyota Corolla S model.

Tools Needed For The Installation:

• Cleaning Solution that is safe for use on your wheels • Soap and Water
• Lint Fee Paper Towels or Cloth
• Scissors or Razor/Hobby Knife
• Clean Work Area
• Squeegee or Old card
• Optional: Heat gun or Hairdryer

All surfaces must be thoroughly before applying your wheel stripes.

1. Remove the backing paper from the wheel decal. Do not remove the application tape (top layer)

2. Use the air valve as a guide for the center of the wheel.

3. Place the decal on the wheel but do not put too much pressure so that you can align the decal with the face of the wheel.

4. Now use the squeegee to stick the decal on the wheel but not on the center where the lug nuts are.

5. Remove the Application tape very carefully so that you don’t rip any of the stripes special in the center where the vinyl is not touching the wheel by the lug nuts.

6. Stick the decal to the wheel and by the center cap too. Use your fingers by rubbing the stripes with your hand. Some trimming might be needed by the center cap.

7. Place the other half of decal and repeat step 1-3. The decals stripe edge is going to overlap with the decal another half of decal.

8. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to fix mistakes and wrinkles. Repeat all steps for the rest of the wheels. ENJOY!

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