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2014 – 2016 Toyota Corolla S bumper Color Vinyl Stripe Decal Installation

In this video we show how to install the bumper vinyl stripes decals that fit the Toyota Corolla S model & the special edition.

I recommend starting installing the stripe in the center of the bumper Chrome trim. Use your thumb to keep the stripe straight in the chrome trim.
After you have one stripe installed do the other sides. Overlap a little bit the stripes do not leave any gaps between each stripe. Cut any extra stripe left at the end of the trim.
Optional: you can use a Heat Gun or Hair Dryer to fix any wrinkles.

Enjoy your car’s new look!

This vinyl stripes can be installed on a Toyota Corolla S 2014 – 2016 model
The stripe will cover the chrome trim on the front bumper on the S model and the special Edition

You can choose the color on the stripe


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