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Rally Stripe Solid 10″ wide VS3



Rally Stripe Solid 10″ VS3 in WRAP VINYL

Solid Hood, Roof, Trunk & bumpers Vinyl Stripes Kit

Universal stripes will fit any car or truck.
High-quality Car Wrap vinyl with Air Release.
The vinyl stripes are computer die cut.

You can pick a color and Kit

  • Each Kit includes vinyl stripe.
  • Installation instructions
  • High-quality vinyl(lasts for 6 years)
  • Air release PREMIUM Wrap vinyl 3M or Avery depending on the color
  • 10″ wide
  • Stripes kit for Hood, Roof, Trunk and Bumpers
  • Dry Method Installation (no water needed)


  • (1 pc) Stripes for the Hood
  • (1 pc) Stripes for The Roof
  • (1 pc) Stripes for the Trunk
  • (2 pcs) Stripes for the front & rear bumper


Before ordering the vinyl stripes measure your vehicle. Let us know if you need a bigger size stripes
Don’t know if these stripes will fit your car?
Measure your car or truck like the image below.



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2011-24 Durango, 2015-24 Charger, 2011-14 Charger, 2006-10 Charger, 2019-24 Camaro, 2016-18 Camaro, 2014-15 Camaro, 2010-13 Camaro, 2015-24 Challenger, 2011-14 Challenger, 2008-10 Challenger, 2018-23 Mustang, 2015-17 Mustang, 2010-14 Mustang