MAZDA Wheel Stripes


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Wheel Stripes for All MAZDA models

1 set will fit your 4 wheels 

High quality outdoor rate vinyl.
Made of 6 year outdoor durability, 2.5 mil vinyl
Stripes are curved and Precision Computer Cut to match the curvature of standard wheels.
Each side of a wheel is made of 4 separate pieces for easy installation
You will get 20 wheel rim stripes sections
• 4pcs. stripes for each wheel.  4 wheels = 16pcs
• 4pcs. extra FREE



Adheres to any clean, smooth, non-porous Area
We can cut any width you want!

->Click here for Stripes installation guide

->Available Colors

How to install the Wheel Pin Stripes in 4 pcs.
Wheel stripes Installation
REFLECTIVE STRIPES: Please check local ordinances to verify that you are not violating any laws by using REFLECTIVE VINYL.

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