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How to Install Honeycomb stripes Dodge Charger

POV Howto install HONEYCOMB RAcing Stripes Dodge Charger SRT

POV 🐝 How to install HONEYCOMB Racing Stripes Dodge Charger SRT

These Honeycomb stripes are made in Air release Premium wrap material.
we recommend start the installation with the Hood to align the rest of the stripes with the same gap. The stripes are cut in separate pieces for easier installation. Some trimming is required on edges and bumpers in order to make the stripe to look straight. Any body can install these stripes just take your time and do not rush the installation. the final result will be amazing. many colors available. contact us for a special color. thanks for watching. more products at

✅ Honeycomb stripes Options

► Dodge Charger (SRT hood)
► Dodge Charger (SXT hood)
► Dodge Challenger (Hellcat Hood)
► Dodge Challenger (R/T)
► Dodge Durango (all)
► Universal Stripes




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