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BEST CAR WRAPS Before & After by Shine Graffix

BEST CAR WRAPS Before & After by ShineGraffix

BEST CAR WRAPS Before & After ShineGraffix

Cool Vehicle wraps before the installation and after the full wrap installed
Here Are some of the wraps that we did. Camouflage wrap, Chrome wrap and matte wraps too. All the cars wrapped with the best Quality wrap material.

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===== Wraps Tools List =====
► Squeegee:
► Knife:
► Knifeless tape:
► Heat Gun:
► Propane Torch start:
► Propane Torch
► Wrap tools kit:
► Magnets:
► Application Glove:
► Isopropyl alcohol:
► Snitty vinyl cutter:

▬▬▬▬▬✅ Camera & Tools ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
► GoPro Hero 8
► 64GB Micro SD
► Tripod
► Gopro kit
► Gopro 8 Charger
► Gopro Mini stick tripod

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* The music used on my videos are from Artlist website. I have the license of the music from and I am allowed to use it the music on my videos.

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