5000k LED Headlight Conversion Kit 40W


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LED Headlight Conversion Kit 80W combine (40W each)

Note: All LED Lighting orders take 7 days for processing 
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  • High-Quality LED chip (COB), Modular Heat Protection (MHP) technology, cool white 5000K color, 40W, With 8,000Lm combine intensity
  • No more Hot and dark spots with OEM beam pattern, Patented heat sink, yes they are hot while operating, meaning they are working at peak efficiency
  • All-in-one design, easy installation, can be installed in 20 mins right out of the box! Stable drive can cope with any road conditions, to ensure traffic safety. Works underwater! Rainproof driver, housing, and fan works even in extreme situations
  • IP68 water proof standard, works under water and fans will not lock what so ever 30,000+ hours of LED life, Integrated LED driver with CanBUS, no more or headlight out errors!
  • Combination of forged and CNC manufacturing, heat transfer is at its max, the LEDs are running much cooler than our competitors
Color: 5000K (White)

What Is Included:

2 high power LED Conversion bulbs with built-in driver
1 x Instruction manual
embedded CanBUS (Error free decoder)

Item Specification
Power consumption: 80W combine (40W each)
Color: 5k
Luminous flux: 3000lm-4000lm each bulb
Input Voltage: 8V to 24V
Service Life: est. 30,000hrs+
Output Voltage: 12V
Working current (Steady state): 3.1A nom

Condition: New

I also only recommend installing LED kits into stock headlamps that have projector style lamp housings. Please do a quick search to see the difference between the housings. You can visually see a difference and compare with what you have in your vehicle. The reason for this is due to the fact that projector housings focus the light coming from the bulb. If you stick an LED kit into a non-projector style housing, light scatters everywhere producing poor light output and the risk of blinding others on the road.


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